Living Legend Celebrations & Planning

Finding acceptance in our own impending death might be life's greatest challenge. Learning to cope after losing a loved one is also no easy task. Traditionally, we have used funerals or memorials to memorialize, offer our final respects, and find personal acceptance in regards to our passed on loved ones. However, here at LE&WU we feel these practices are slightly outdated and lack personalization. Therefore, we have decided to offer a modern approach to memorializing our loved ones with a Living Legend Celebration.


 A Living Legend Celebration is often planned in lieu of a funeral or large scale memorial event, which includes celebrating with our Living Legend. It is intended to provide support to our terminally ill loved ones, and their friends and families. We often hear people say they wished they had told their loved one this or that, but now its too late. Creating a Living Legend Celebration provides us the opportunity to tell our terminally ill loved ones those things we have been forgetting to say and create everlasting memories we have been neglecting. It is intended to gather family and friends before the inevitable occurs to create love, fun, joy, and unforgettable memories.

The team here at LE&WU has networked like crazy to find quality, reputable vendors to aid our clients and their families in end-stage planning. Our referrals and facilitation are always FREE. We will direct you to the greatest, and most compassionate final document prepare's, senior placement businesses, grief counselors, estate planners, other facilities, movers, support systems, holistic healers, spiritual guides, and more. Our final directives are always easier to understand and follow when we they are thoroughly planned and discussed before our death. Let us help direct you.

Would you considered memorializing a loved, with your loved one?

Would you prefer to celebrate a life at a custom, tasteful event over a funeral?

Do you want to support a loved one during the most difficult time in their lives?

Do you need help or direction in planning your final wishes and needs, or those of a loved one? 

Would you want a chance to tell your loved one the things you wish you had always told them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a Living Legend Celebration is perfect for you and/or your loved one.

We would love to offer support and help you during this difficult time.

Please give us a call for a free consultation and custom pricing.


'We will not let grief take over, for we will find strength in a life well lived'

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